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Richard Matsui

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Matsui is the CEO and Co-Founder of kWh Analytics. Prior to kWh, his company Honua Solutions provided management consulting services to multiple leading global solar industry firms across Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Prior to forming Honua Solutions, Richard was a Consultant at McKinsey & Company in their Greater China office. Over three years, he established himself as the firm’s leading expert on the global PV solar industry by accumulating more experience than any pre-partner consultant.

Richard graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and is a Forbes’ “30 Under 30” Award recipient. He is from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jason Kaminsky

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Kaminsky is the COO at kWh Analytics. Just prior to joining kWh Analytics, Jason spent more than three years as a Vice President of Environmental Finance at Wells Fargo Bank. As a senior member of the Wells Fargo deal team, Jason originated, underwrote, and financed tax-equity investments during a time when the bank added nearly $1bn of solar assets. Prior to joining Wells Fargo in 2011, Jason worked at SPG Solar, where he supported the CEO on strategic corporate initiatives.

Jason received both his B.S. in Mathematics and his B.S. in Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Environmental Sciences from UCLA. He holds an M.S. degree in Environment and Resources from Stanford University, and also completed his M.B.A. at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is from Thousand Oaks, California.

Jonathan Xia

Applications Team Lead

Jonathan Xia is the Applications Team Lead at kWh Analytics. Prior to joining kWh, Jonathan was the Lead Software Developer for HCC, an educational platform teaching the Chinese language. Before that, he was a founding member of the Mozilla User Research group, where he built the Test Pilot platform to push out A/B tests of potential Firefox user interface changes and collect real-world data on their effects. He built tools to visualize and analyze the massive data set from the over three million people who opted into this program.

Jonathan holds a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in Physics from Connecticut College. He is from Connecticut.

Adam Shinn

Data Scientist & Software Engineer

Adam Shinn is a Data Scientist at kWh Analytics. Prior to joining kWh, Adam worked at both the Space Sciences Division of the Southwest Research Institute and the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder analyzing scientific data from a variety of NASA missions, including the Cassini mission at Saturn, the New Horizons mission en-route to Pluto, and the Hubble Space Telescope. He is a co-author on multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Adam graduated with a B.A. in Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is from Alta Loma, CA.

Katherine Elliott

Software Engineer and Designer

Katherine Elliott is a Software Engineer at kWh Analytics. Previously, Katherine worked at Energy Solutions in Oakland, CA, where she built software for California’s energy efficiency and renewables programs. She is currently at kWh Analytics building out the Heliostats solar investment platform. She has spent the last 5 years working at the intersection of renewable energy and technology.

Katherine has a B.S. in Systems Engineering from Olin College. She is from North Carolina.

Paul Young

Software Engineer

Paul Young is a Software Engineer at kWh Analytics. Before kWh Analytics, Paul was a Senior Analyst at DNV GL, where he specialized in data analysis and statistical modeling of energy efficiency research projects. During his 7 years with DNV GL, he worked with government and utility clients to evaluate the energy saving impacts for a wide range of technologies and programs, including demand response, voltage regulation, and residential end use programs.

Paul holds a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

Sarah Matsui

Senior Communications Manager

Sarah Matsui is the Senior Communications Manager at kWh Analytics. Prior to kWh, Sarah wrote and published a study on education counternarratives with Peter Lang Academic Publishing Company. Her work has been featured in NPR Code Switch, Jacobin Magazine, Rethinking Schools, and Huffington Post.

Sarah holds a B.A. in Urban Studies and an M.S.Ed in Secondary Math Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Stephen Hutton

Chief Technology Officer

Stephen Hutton is the CTO at kWh Analytics. Prior to kWh Analytics, Stephen led the development of the data pipeline at Curbside. Before that, he worked on large-scale distributed systems at Apple and DreamWorks Animation.

Stephen earned a M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is from Atlanta, GA.

Bonnie Soohoo

Director of Product Management

Bonnie Soohoo is the Director of Product Management at kWh Analytics. Prior to joining kWh, she was the first product hire at Sight Machine, a GE Ventures-backed startup and the category leader for manufacturing analytics. Before that, Bonnie had a decade-long career at Chevron designing and building enterprise and industrial applications to improve quality and productivity.

Bonnie has an MBA from the University of Oxford and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. She is from San Francisco, California.

Matt Chou

Senior Director of Business Development

Matthew Chou is the Senior Director of Business Development at kWh Analytics. Matt has been in solar since 2010, having helped secure over $2BN in equity, tax equity, and loan capital, first with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee Program and then with Sol Systems. He began his career in utilities M&A as an investment banking analyst with Macquarie Capital.

Matt graduated from the University of Pennsylvania‘s Management & Technology (M&T) program in 2006. At Penn, he earned his B.S. in Economics with concentrations in Finance and Management at the Wharton School and earned a Bachelor’s of Applied Science from the School of Engineering. He is originally from Delaware.

Ben Browne

Data Scientist

Ben Browne is a Data Scientist at kWh Analytics. Before joining the team he analyzed data to improve LED performance and reliability at Lumileds. Prior to LEDs, he gained his PhD modeling multi-junction solar cells at Imperial College London then moved to San Jose to help commercialize the technology which culminated in the commercial release of a 41% efficient solar cell.

Ben holds M.Sc. and B.A. degrees in Physics from the University of Cambridge and is from Hampshire, UK.

Steve Rowe

Software Engineer

Steve Rowe is a Software Engineer at kWh Analytics. During a career born among mainframes, Steve witnessed the birth of the PC, email, the Web, smart phones, social media and Big Data. His first startup was located in a chalet in the Swiss Alps, followed by entrepreneurial work in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Among a diverse portfolio of software projects is a complete, 3D CAD-based system for the design and manufacturing of paragliders and traction kites. Actually, there are two of those. These days, Steve focuses on the visual representation of data.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Steve grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and now lives in Sonoma, California.

Heather Miki

People Operations Manager

Heather Miki is the People Operations Manager at kWh Analytics. Prior to kWh, she worked at The Walt Disney Company for three years in their entertainment department. She was also a launch team member and Design Scout for the online marketplace, Bezar.

Heather has a B.A. in Government and Dance from Skidmore College. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Chris Scanlin

Software Engineer

Chris Scanlin is a Software Engineer at kWh Analytics. Previously, Chris worked at Dot & Bo as a Marketing Analyst, and then as a Software Engineer. He started programming with Python to automate repetitive marketing tasks, and quickly transitioned to a full-stack engineering position where he primarily worked on data pipelines, payment methods, and vendor tools.

Chris holds a B.A. in Business Management / Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and is a Bay Area native.

Luis Alvarez

Software Engineer

Luis Alvarez is a Software Engineer at kWh Analytics. Prior to kWh, Luis worked at Stem, a behind-the-meter energy storage and software company, as an Energy Systems Analyst and then as a Data Engineer. There, he led software development for the Fleet Operations team and created business analytics, reports and visuals for customer and utility services through a telemetry data pipeline.

Luis graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Engineering Physics, focusing in Computational Science. He is originally from Nicaragua but immigrated to the San Francisco Bay Area with his family.

Victor Garcia

Data Scientist

Victor Garcia is a Data Scientist at kWh Analytics. Before joining the team, he built a machine-learning alerting system to prioritize the operations & management of the entire residential PV system fleet at Tesla. Before that, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he modeled the orbits of stars on large scale parallel computing systems. Prior to that, he gained his Ph.D. in physics from Vanderbilt University by commissioning the world’s first six-telescope visible light interferometer at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ.

Victor holds an M.A. in Physics from Fisk University and a B.A. in Physics from Johns Hopkins University. He is from Los Angeles, California.

Alexander Barriga

Data Scientist

Alexander Barriga is a Data Scientist at kWh Analytics. Previously, he worked on projects for NASA, where he built a distributed feature extraction pipeline for satellite images of the sun, and for, where he built a wine recommendation system. In addition to his consulting work, he also taught data science at General Assembly. In 2017, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for three months in order to learn Spanish, explore the "Silicon Valley of Latin America," and learn about international markets firsthand.

Alexander holds a B.A in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley and a M.S. in Data Science from the University of New Haven. He was born in Los Angeles, CA and currently lives in Berkeley, CA.

Board and Advisors

Yann Ranchere

Board Member; Partner, Anthemis Group

Yann is a Partner at Anthemis Group, a lead investor in kWh Analytics. Anthemis Group invests in innovative financial services startups. Prior to joining Anthemis, Yann was previously a consultant at Kurt Salmon in New York. He has a Master’s degree from ESCP Europe and lives in Geneva.

Van Skilling

Board Member; Advisor - Former Chairman of the Board, CoreLogic, Inc.

D. Van Skilling is the former Chairman of the Board of CoreLogic, the leading data management and analytics provider in the residential mortgage space. He is also the former Chairman and CEO of Experian, a leading provider of consumer and business credit and direct marketing services based in Orange County, CA. Van joined Experian as a 26-year veteran of TRW, Inc.

Larry Ng

Board Member; Co-Founder, Moneyline Telerate and TradeWeb

Larry Ng is a serial financial technology entrepreneur. Larry was the co-founder of MarketAxess (NASDAQ: MKTX), MoneyLine Telerate which sold to Thompson Reuters (NYSE: TRI), TradeWeb, and SpectraSoft. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cooper Union.

Tony Derossi

Board Observer; Managing Partner at Propeller Venture Capital

Tony Derossi is a Managing Partner in Insurance at Propeller Venture Capital. He was previously the COO at Fireman’s Fund Insurance.

Sheeraz Haji

Board Observer; Managing Partner at zipdragon ventures

Sheeraz is the managing partner of zipdragon ventures, an investment firm providing seed capital to industry cloud startups. He is also currently a senior advisor for ENGIE, a French utility company and investor in kWh. He was formerly the CEO of Cleantech Group.