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Quantifying risk in the emerging solar asset class

with advanced analytics for institutional investors

kWh Analytics manages the industry’s leading independent database & advanced statistical analytics - providing statistical insights on risks in the new solar asset class

Leading Solar Asset Data & Analytics Provider

kWh Analytics aggregates billions of data points from Residential, Commercial, and Utility-scale solar systems and provides cutting edge data & analytics on over 40,000+ PV systems, 50+ global panel and 20+ inverter brands, representing nearly 1GW of solar capacity in the U.S.

Solar Asset & Big Data Expertise

Working with comprehensive solar industry relationships and advanced analytical models, our experienced senior management team is comprised of solar industry experts, PhD data scientists and institutional data veterans, each contributing years of expertise to our clients.

U.S. Department of Energy Recognition

kWh Analytics received a prestigious U.S. Dept. of Energy “SunShot” award in 2013, allowing the firm to further expand its analytics, databases and models.  The firm has also been recognized for its efforts in the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and Scientific American.