A funny thing happened recently: We wrote an article suggesting that a lower cost of capital, driven by increased debt in project finance transactions, would help to mitigate some of the new risk the solar industry faces in 2017. We didn’t anticipate that this would be a particularly controversial viewpoint. After all, paying a lower cost of capital is like paying off old credit card debt. Who could disagree with that?

So we were surprised at some of the pushback. People from various functional backgrounds in solar argued that their area of expertise was the aspect of the market most in need of cost reductions. Marketers pushed for lower customer acquisition costs, operations managers pushed for more efficient fleet ops, and so on. None of these are wrong. Any opportunity to reduce solar’s costs should be explored. Our company is focused on the finance side of solar and so naturally, our view veers toward the costs associated with project finance.

Seeking to adjust for our own bias, we looked to other industry leaders on Twitter to learn from their perspective. To make this easier for others to do as well, our team assembled a ‘Top 100’ list of Thought Leaders and is making the list publicly accessible below. By updating this list weekly and conducting monthly interviews with #Solar100 Thought Leaders, we hope to inspire dialogue across our industry. We look forward to learning more from all of you!

In case you missed them, here are our latest #Solar100 interviews:

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