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kWh Analytics is looking for engineers and data scientists to join the fight against climate change.

About Us:

    kWh Analytics is making solar affordable for all by attacking solar’s biggest problem: The high cost of capital. We build software that helps solar investors to efficiently manage portfolio data and intelligently direct investment to where it can do the most good. By building the solar industry’s largest independent data repository of solar asset performance, we help our clients (like Google) to be the smartest investors in the industry. We’re a funded, growth-stage startup located in downtown San Francisco backed by both venture capital and the US Department of Energy.

What we’re looking for:

  • An Eye for Quality: Quality code is important to you. Our team is always striving to write code that is more reliable, flexible and reusable. You should have a good knowledge of programming best practices, but always be open to learn new things from your coworkers.
  • Ready to Roll: As a young start-up, we need teammates that can contribute from day one and learn quickly. Experience in our software stack is preferred, but a broad variety of skills will be important for filling in knowledge gaps.
  • Team Player: We’re a growing team, and we work collaboratively on all aspects of our projects. Good teamwork and respect for your peers is essential.
  • Generalist: We work with a number of languages and frameworks to achieve our goals. We value general software knowledge and the ability to learn new technologies. Knowledge of the latest architectural trends and the ability to change courses quickly is important.
  • Local: We’re looking for a team member that will join us at our office in San Francisco.
  • Solar or Finance expertise a plus: We build tools for the solar investment community, so a background in either is nice to have.

Open positions:  

No open positions at this time. Please check back soon!