kWh Analytics receives 2018 Finance Innovation Award at the Global Climate Action Summit

Originally posted in Solar Power World.

kWh Analytics was awarded the 2018 Finance Innovation Award at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) for its invention of the Solar Revenue Put, a credit enhancement that de-risks the performance of solar power plants, enables investors to deploy more capital into solar assets and reduces the cost of solar.

Dan Carol, the Senior Advisor of Infrastructure and Energy for the Office of Governor Jerry Brown, presented kWh Analytics team member Sarah Matsui with the Global Climate Action Summit’s 2018 Finance Innovation Award.


The GCAS is an annual gathering co-chaired by Jerry Brown, Governor of California, and Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention. The Summit celebrates “the extraordinary achievements of states, regions, cities, companies, investors and citizens with respect to climate action.”

GCAS’s Friday Finance Roundup focused on bringing climate finance to scale and featured speakers David Ige, Governor of Hawaii; Danny Kennedy, CEO of CalCEF; and Richard Kauffmann, Chairman of Energy, Office of the Governor of New York.

Concluding GCAS’s Friday Finance Roundup, kWh Analytics was recognized with the Finance Innovation Award for improving solar project economics and accelerating the growth of the solar industry.

“The technological solutions needed to address climate change already exist, today. Now we need the capital to deploy those technologies at scale,” said D. Van Skilling, former CEO of Experian. “kWh Analytics is unlocking that capital by providing investors with the data they need to invest confidently in renewable energy technologies, similar to the role that Experian serves in consumer credit investments.”

“The world desperately needs novel solutions to real problems,” added Chuck Wallace, co-founder of Esurance. “We need more solutions like the Solar Revenue Put. The importance of the Solar Revenue Put to our local, national and global communities in accelerating the adoption of clean energy and reducing climate change is obvious.”

“The monumental problem of climate change is being answered by many of the world’s most talented and tenacious teams,” said Richard Matsui, Founder and CEO of kWh Analytics. “We are honored to be recognized for delivering an impactful solution at this critical time. We will continue to realize our mission of “More solar through better data” by bringing together the best of data science, software development, and financial engineering.”