The Industry’s leading risk management platform

Designed specifically for solar investors, HelioStats enables users to make and manage solar investments. Heliostats enables solar investors to deploy more capital more intelligently by providing data integration, analytics, and performance benchmarking for their solar investments. Select Customers include Google (the world’s largest corporate investor in renewable energy), PNC Bank (America’s 5th largest bank), and Live Oak Bank.


Portfolio and system-level compliance tracking

  • Manage your consolidated portfolio data all in one place

  • Validate reported data through dozens of test parameters


Production and financial analysis

  • Track production and financial trends against underwriting model

  • Quantify the impact of weather for every asset, even without pyranometers


Industry benchmarks and exposure analysis

  • Access industry rankings on equipment quality, installer performance, and default rates

  • Quantify exposure across funds, equipment type, installer, location, developer, and more


We have an enormous amount of data about how assets are operating, and through our use of HelioStats, we’re working to get more thoughtful about how to synthesize and analyze information about our own portfolio.
— Dan Siegel, U.S. Bank VP of Renewable Energy Business Development

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