kWh Analytics and Solar Finance Council Release the Industry’s First ‘Asset League Tables’


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To highlight accomplishments in the solar industry, avail stakeholders of quality performance benchmarks, and encourage adoption of data best practices, kWh Analytics partnered with the Solar Finance Council to present the industry’s first “Asset League Tables” report, published today.

Drawing from kWh Analytics’ data repository, this report includes an overview of solar project performance, performance benchmarks, and an alphabetized list of the industry’s top performing solar projects at both the national and regional levels.

Download the complete report here

The Asset League Tables will be refreshed later this year to reflect updated data. While we make our best efforts to include all assets in our evaluation for inclusion in the Asset League Tables, there are projects for which we have incomplete data or are missing data altogether. To ensure all projects are provided an opportunity for inclusion in the Asset League Tables, sponsors are encouraged to submit projects with 2017 production data for evaluation. From now until July 2nd, sponsors should contact in order to: 1. Verify that the kWh Analytics’ data record of their assets is accurate and complete, or 2. Submit performance data for review and inclusion in the updated Asset League Tables. As an additional incentive, all sponsors that submit projects for review will be provided more detailed benchmarking against the entire, anonymized data set. Only the top performing assets will be highlighted in the next revision of the Asset League Tables.

The submission file can be found here: Solar-Asset-League-Tables-data-submission