Demystifying Bank Asset Management with U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, and kWh Analytics

Bank asset management is known to be an opaque subject. Thankfully, Diana Weis and Sarah Disch, each co-heads of the Solar Asset Management groups at their organizations, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo Bank respectively, shared their expertise at SAMNA 2019.

Live Oak Bank’s Renewable Energy Team Partners with kWh Analytics for Efficient Capital Deployment

SAN FRANCISCO – kWh Analytics, the market leader in solar risk management, today announced that they have deployed their HelioStats risk management software with Live Oak Bank’s Renewable Energy team

HelioStats 3.0 & ‘Best Practices for Solar Risk Management’ Released Today

solar risk management (sō-lər \ risk \ ma-nij-mənt ) noun 1. The practice of managing and measuring risk within a solar investment portfolio; a term of art directed at financial investors with exposure to operating solar projects in the form of structured investment vehicles, and in particular investors providing various forms of debt, tax equity, or cash equity.