#Solar100 Interviews:

  • July 2018 The Tony Stark of C&I Solar: Bryan Birsic.
  • March 2018 The Malcolm Gladwell of Clean Energy: Shayle Kann.
  • February 2018 The Steve Kerr of Renewable Energy: Katherine Hamilton.
  • January 2018 The Hank Aaron of Solar Development: Ed Feo.
  • December 2017 The Anna Wintour of Cleantech Media: Julia Pyper.
  • November 2017 The Chuck Todd of Solar Finance: Keith Martin.
  • October 2017 The Kanye West of Solar Finance: Jigar Shah.
  • September 2017 The Queen Midas of Cleantech: Nancy Pfund.
  • August 2017 The Hamilton of the Solar Industry: Varun Sivaram.
  • July 2017 The Most Interesting Man in Solar: Danny Kennedy.

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